Zhengzhou (Chinese 鄭州 市 / 郑州 市, pinyin Zhengzhou Shì, W.-G. Chengchow Shih, obsolete after rod sealed Narrows show skiing, abbr .: 鄭 / 郑 Zheng Pinyin) is the capital of Henan Province in the People's Republic of China. Zhengzhou is a prefecture-level city with an administrative area of ​​7,507 square kilometers and 8,626,505 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2010). The closer the core city is home to its approximately 500 square kilometers about 3.5 million inhabitants. Its center is located about 20 kilometers south of the Yellow River (Huang He). Zhengzhou is an important industrial site (cotton, glass, aluminum industry, mechanical engineering), it is a national transportation hub (railway, airport), a commercial, financial and information center, a exhibition center and cultural center with a large basin.