Zhangye (张掖 市) is a prefecture-level city in northwest China's Gansu Province. Your administrative region forms the centerpiece of the Hexi Corridor. It covers an area of ​​40,874 and about 1,264,000 inhabitants (2013), of which 353,000 in the city and 911,000 in the rural environment. In the east it borders on the cities Wuwei and Jinchang, Jiuquan and Jiayuguan in the west, the south with the province of Qinghai and north to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In Zhangye, the Temple of the Great Buddha (Dafo Si) with the largest reclining Buddha statue is China. Zhangye is composed of a municipality, four counties and one autonomous district together. These are: * District Ganzhou (甘州区) 4,240 km², 500,000 inhabitants (2004), center, seat of the city government; * Circle Minle (民乐 县), 3,687 km², 240,000 inhabitants (2004), capital: large village Hong Shui (洪水 镇); * County Linze (临泽 县), km² 2777, 150,000 inhabitants (2004), capital: greater community Shahe (沙河 镇); * Circle Gaotai (高 台 县), km² 4312, 160,000 inhabitants (2004), capital: greater community Chengguan (城关 镇); * Circle Shandan (山丹 县), 5,402 km², 190,000 inhabitants (2004), capital: greater community Qingquan (清泉 镇); * Autonomous County Sunan of Yugur (肃南 裕固族 自治县), 20,456 square kilometers, 40,000 inhabitants (2004), capital: greater community Hongwansi (红 湾 寺镇). In the vicinity is the Zhangye Danxia Geopark.