Tengchong (Chinese 騰衝 市 / 腾冲 市, Pinyin Téngchōng Shì) is a county-level city that is formally directly subordinate to the provincial level of the Yunnan provincial government, but is administered by the provincial town of Baoshan (保山 市) in the Chinese province of Yunnan and managed by the District administration in the large community Tengyue (騰越 鎮 / 腾越 镇, Téngyuè Zhèn) is governed. The circle is located at 1,655 meters above sea level and is one of the endpoints of Heihe Tengchong Line, which begins in Heihe (Heilongjiang Province). It has an area of ​​5,845 km² and about 620,000 inhabitants (2004).