Tai'an (Chinese 泰安, Pinyin Tai'an) is a Chinese city in Shandong Province. It lies about 70 km south of the provincial capital of Jinan and covers an area of ​​7,761. The city has about 5,470,000 inhabitants (2002), live in the two districts of about 1.57 million people. About 6\% of the population are Christians. In the surroundings of wheat and maize is grown. The most important destination in Tai'an who also serves as the city Ostberg designated north situated Mount Tai Shan (1545 m), which is mentioned by Confucius and one of the sacred mountains of China. Tai Shan is the most climbed mountain in the world.The most famous temples of the city is the Taoist Dai-Miao temple complex. Tai'an is connected to the Chinese rail network and so easily accessible from major cities. In the provincial capital of Jinan is 55 minutes drive.