Qingdao (Chinese 青島 市 / 青岛 市, pinyin Qīngdǎo Shì? / I, W.-G. Tsingtao Shih, Green Island ', obsolete after rod Qingdao Karachi) is a port city in Shandong Province (deprecated by rod Shantung) in eastern People's Republic of China. The abbreviation of the city 青, Qīng means "green", "blue-green", "turquoise", but also "lush / juicy" with reference to the vegetation. From 1898 to 1919 the city belonged as a colony of the German Empire. Known worldwide, the coastal city is known for its beer called Tsingtao, which has its origins in the German colonial era. Off the coast of Qingdao in 2008 the sailing competitions of the Summer Olympics in Beijing were held.