Panjin (盘锦 市, Pánjǐn Shì) is a prefecture-level city in northeast China's Liaoning Province. It covers an area of ​​4,084.18 and 1.3 million inhabitants (end of 2009). Panjin is located in the south of the province on the lower reaches of the Liao River. The city and the area is characterized mainly by the petrochemical industry. At county level, Panjin is made up of three districts and one county. These are: * District Xinglongtai (兴隆 台 区), km² 194, about 380,000 inhabitants, seat of the city government; * District Shuangtaizi (双 台子 区), 62 km², about 190,000 inhabitants; * District Dawa (大洼 区), 1,683 km², about 390,000 people; * District Panshan (盘山县) 2,145 km², about 290,000 inhabitants. Since September 2012 Panjin in China has become a symbol for a national grievance: millions of Chinese have been or are forced off their land because the state there is building new roads or buildings. A property owner doused himself with gasoline and threatened self-immolation; Deputy police chief of Panjin shot him.