The Autonomous District Lingshui Li (陵水 黎族 自治县, Língshuǐ lizu Zizhixian) is a direct reports of the provincial government of autonomous district in the southern Chinese province of Hainan. Lingshui covers an area of ​​1128 and approximately 364,600 inhabitants (end of 2009). Of these, about 200,000 (55\%) members of the Li nationality and other nearly 800 of the Miao nationality. The Han Chinese population Ling Shui is made up of three groups, the Hoklo (闽南 人) with 92\% of the Han, the immigrant from Fujian Province Tanka (疍 家人) and the Hakka (客家人), comprising 8\% of the Han. Lingshui is home to a major air base of the People's Liberation Army and in the greater community Xincun a nature reserve for rhesus monkeys Nanwan Monkey Island.