Kunming (Chinese 昆明, Pinyin Kunming, W.-G. K'un-ming) is the capital of Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China. In China, it is also known by the poetic name "City of Spring" (Ch. 春城 Pinyin Chuncheng) known. As a provincial capital of Yunnan, they were called formerly "Yunanfu" (Ch. 雲南 府 / 云南 府 Pinyin Yúnnánfǔ, "seat of government of Yunnan"). The current city is located (in the narrow sense) on the northern edge of the Dian Lake and has an area of ​​approximately 300, the entire prefecture-level city covers an area of ​​21,501. Kunming end of 2002 had about 4.95 million inhabitants. In 2009 the population was adding 7 million are about 1 million migrant workers. In the city center a modern new business district was created. The entire administrative area of ​​the present city covers an area of ​​280 to 300 square kilometers in the north of Dian Lake (North city). Currently, a city expansion takes place east and south of the Dian Lake. the Oststadt was km² in an area of ​​160 built in the new city district (since May 20, 2011) Chenggong, where 900,000 people live. Two other city extensions in the south of Dian Lake (South City) planned.