Huangshan (Chinese 黄山 市) is a prefecture-level city in Anhui Province, south of the People's Republic of China. In its administrative area, which covers an area of ​​9,807 square kilometers, is the famous mountain Huang Shan. Huangshan had in 2003 about 1.47 million people and its own airport, which is for the tourist development of the area is of great importance. In the city center there is an entire street line of 1.5 kilometers in length, the song Street, reconstructed in the local style of the Ming and Qing period. Here, many souvenir shops and restaurants crowd. Situated in the district area town houses of Qiankou (潜 口 民宅, Qiánkǒu mínzhái), the three houses of the Cheng family (程氏 三 宅, Chengshi sānzhái), the old architecture of the village Chengkancun (呈 坎 村 古 建筑 群, Chéngkǎncūn gǔ jiànzhùqún) the Laowuge residence and Lürao pavilion (老屋 阁 及 绿 绕 亭, Lǎowū gé jí Lǜrào tíng) and the Luo Dongshu-ancestral temple (罗 东 舒 祠, Luo Dongshu cí) are on the list of monuments of the people's Republic of China.