Fuzhou (Chinese 福州市, Pinyin Fuzhou Shì), or Foochow, is the capital of the Chinese province of Fujian. Fuzhou is a prefecture-level city and a major port city in China's southeast coast. She has cross-strait access to the Pacific. there are also the most important universities and government agencies in Fuzhou of Fujian. Fuzhou has a condition that affects find the nickname Banyan City because of the many banyan figs, which were planted there before now 900 years and impressive specimens in the downtown area. Other names for Fuzhou are: * 榕城, Rongcheng "figs City" * 三 山, Sanshan, "three mountains" * 左 海, Zuǒhǎi, "Left Hand Sea" * 閩 都, Mǐndū, "Min Metropolis" (The Min Empire was one of the Ten Köngsreiche in the historic China, 909-945; Min is also the abbreviation for the province of Fujian.) The abbreviation for Fuzhou is 榕, Rong.