Jablanica is a city and the associated community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It belongs to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the northern part of the Canton Herzegovina-Neretva, around 75 km south-west of Sarajevo. The place Jablanica between Sarajevo and Mostar on the Neretva River, between the mountains and Čvrsnica Prenj. The municipality Jablanica is 301 square kilometers and has plenty of 10,000 inhabitants. the place is famous for its granite, which has found for the construction of the UN building in New York, the monument of the Unknown Soldier on Mount Avala and the Njegoš mausoleum on Lovćen use. The community is mainly financed by the proceeds of the second largest dam in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which accumulates the 25-kilometer Lake Jablanica lake above Jablanica. It offers plenty of leisure facilities and activities. this city of Herzegovina barren and high mountains, which is why they used to be considered a health resort is framed. Jablanica is located on the border between the continental climate, Mediterranean and and. During the Second World War, the so-called Battle of Neretva (Bitka na Neretvi) in space Jablanica was held from February to March 1943rd Near the place is still seen as part of a museum complex battle that destroyed railway bridge. In 1969, the events were also filmed. During the Bosnian war, comb it in 1993 located directly village of Grabovica to atrocities against the Croatian population, the so-called massacre in Grabovica. This is followed by members of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina involved (ARBiH).