Zaslawye (Belarusian Заслаўе [zasɫau̯je]), also Zaslavl (Russian Заславль) is a Belarusian town in the Minsk Region in Minsk District, 20 kilometers northwest of the capital, Minsk. Today it has about 14,000 inhabitants and is known in the immediate vicinity of Saslaujer Reservoir, also known as the Minsk Sea. Zaslawye to have been founded in 985 by Vladimir I, who sent to live from Polotsk there his wife and his son Izyaslav Rogneda; according to this same son, the city is named. In the early Middle Ages, the city was the seat of the Principality Zaslawye. In the 11th century the town was fortified; much of the historic area was provided for archaeological purposes under protection. Architectural attractions include the Church of the Redeemer, which was built after 1577, and the Roman Catholic Nativity Church, built from 1774 to 1799, and the castle Zaslawye.