Hrodna or Grodno (Belarusian Гродна / Hrodna, Russian Гродно / Grodno, Polish Grodno; Lithuanian Gardinas; German Garden older white russ Горадня / Horadnja or Гародня / Harodnja;. Yiddish Grodne) is a city in Belarus at the Memel, near the border triangle with Poland and Lithuania. It is the administrative center of the Grodno Region and the Hrodna District. The town now has 328,000 inhabitants (2009) and is the fifth largest city of Belarus. 1919-1939 Grodno belonged to Poland and had a made up of Jews and Poles Polish-speaking majority population. By the excited Stalin shifting borders the city fell to the Soviet Union, large sections of the Polish population were displaced, Russians and Belarusians were instead settled in other parts of the country. Since 1991, the city is part of the independent Belarus until today still find there but a strong Polish minority. Hrodna is twinned with Minden in Westphalia, from Wroclaw in Poland and Alytus in Lithuania.