Virgen [fɪrɡn̩] is a municipality in the Austrian province of Tyrol, District Lienz (East Tyrol). It includes parts of the Virgentals in Venice Group, extensive parts of its territory are also in the Hohe Tauern National Park. The settlement history Virgens goes back to the period around 500 BC, with the copper mining played a major role. After the end of the Roman period Slavs settled in the Virgen Valley that have been assimilated from the 8th century gradually from Bavarian settlers. The same incipient Christianization led to the establishment of the first parishes in the region. In the Middle Ages Virgen part of Carinthia and the County of Gorizia, in 1500 it was annexed to Tyrol. With 2198 inhabitants (1 January 2016) is now the Virgen populous fifth largest municipality of East Tyrol. Economically especially agriculture and tourism plays an important role in the community, with a lack of jobs and structural problems to a very high commuter rate lead.