Seefeld in Tirol is a municipality with 3314 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2014) in the district of Innsbruck Land, Tirol (Austria). The village lies on a plateau between Wettersteingebirge and Karwendel at a major since the Middle Ages old route from Mittenwald to Innsbruck. In 1022 first mentioned and since the 14th century pilgrimage, Seefeld not only benefited from the visit of many pilgrims, but also on the settlement rights as a trading post between Augsburg and Venice. Also since the 14th century was won Tyrolean shale oil in place and widely traded. Already before 1900 Seefeld was popular as a holiday resort, is a well-known winter sports center since the 1930s of the most visited tourist resorts in Austria. The community, which was already several times hosted the Winter Olympics, is located in the judicial district of Innsbruck and is home of Anton Seelos, the inventor of the parallel turn.