Schlaiten is a municipality with 474 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2016) in the district of Lienz in Tyrol, Austria. The community is located in the judicial district Lienz. Schlaiten located in Iseltal, southwest of the Isel. The settlement area is mainly on a terrace about 150 m above the bottom. Most of the employees commute from the community. The community consists of the following groups: Plone, Gonzach, Mesner village Bacher village Gantschach and Göriach. In particular, the fractions Bacher village Göriach have an extreme spreading position. Farm names like Gruber, Zenzer, Gantschnig, Roesch, Weberer, Zaiacher, Messner, Jörl, vulva, Kraß, Hupf, Gasser, Tschellnig, Gridling, Plattner, Pedarnig, Gonig etc. have existed since the 16th century. Common surnames: Lumaßegger, Gantschnig, Tabernig, Ingruber, Engeler, Steiner, Plattner, Pedarnig, Klaunzer, Niedertscheider and Waldner The name of the town is mentioned in the Urbar of the front County of Gorizia from the year 1299 for the first time as Slætten documented, Slavic origin and goes back to Proto-Slavic soltina (bottom).