Leonding with 27,388 inhabitants, is the fourth largest city in Upper Austria. In the north it borders with the Danube in Puchenau, to the east of Linz, in the south of Traun and to the west and Pasching Wilhering. Leonding is part of the political district of Linz-Land, the competent court is the district court district Traun. Until the first half of the 20th century, with about 5,000 inhabitants dominated largely rural, one still continued strong population growth led to a big boost. 1975 Leonding became a town, since 2011 Leonding is the largest city in the district. Leonding date is the 15th largest city in Austria. The city is known today primarily as the headquarters of several large industrial companies as well as green, some still quite rural residential area on the outskirts of the city of Linz. Together with its neighboring communities Leonding is part of the second largest metropolitan area of ​​the Republic of Austria. While the name of the city in Leonding is usually stressed on the first syllable ([leːɔ̯nd̥iŋ]), the emphasis in the rest of Austria is usually on the o ([leɔnd̥iŋ]).