The district Eferding is a political district of the province of Upper Austria. It is located in the Hausruckviertel, north of Wels. The district administration Eferding took in 1907 for their work after the city Eferding since 1899 tried to set up the same. The district was created by area assignment of the Bezirkshauptmannschaft Wels and formed from the jurisdictions Waizenkirchen and Eferding. As early as 1912, however, the majority of the court district Waizenkirchen to the district Grieskirchen was ceded. In the Nazi period of eferding district was dissolved and added to the area the district Grieskirchen. 1948 eferding district was restored. Since September 1, 2016, there are administrative matters of the districts Grieskirchen and Eferding based in Grieskirchen, Eferding is a civil service office and a branch office for child and youth welfare and social affairs.