Bad Gams

Bad Gams is a place in western Styria. He was until the end of 2014, a market town with 2306 inhabitants (as of 2014) in the southwest of Styria in the district of Deutschlandsberg (former judicial district Stainz). As part of the Styrian municipal reform, Bad Gams was merged in 2015 with the communities of Deutschlandsberg, Freiland bei Deutschlandsberg, Kloster, Osterwitz and Trahütten. The basis for this is the Styrian Municipal Reform Act - StGsrG. A merger and development agreement with Deutschlandsberg and Kloster was signed on 18 November 2013. The small health resort is located about 30 km from Graz. Important sources of income are tourism and viticulture. Old farmhouses with typical acute-angled West Styrian tiled roofs bear witness to ancient hill graves from the time of the Celts of former settlement at the foot of the 800 -meter high Gamsgebirge.