Wentworth Shire is a Local Government Area (LGA) in the Australian state of New South Wales. The area is 26,269 square kilometers and has about 6,600 inhabitants. Wentworth is located in the southwest corner of the state on the Murray River, the border with Victoria, and is about 1,000 km from the city of Sydney and 390 km from Adelaide. The area includes 50 districts and places, including Anabranch, Arumpo, Cal Lal, Curlwaa, Dareton, Gol, Gol, Monak, Mourquong, Palinyewah, Pan Ban, Pomona, Pooncarie, Rufus River and Wentworth. The seat of the Shire Council is located in the town of Wentworth in the eastern half of the LGA, where about 1,200 people live.