Narrandera Shire is a Local Government Area (LGA) in the Australian state of New South Wales. The area is 4,117 square kilometers and has about 5,900 inhabitants. Narrandera is located in the south of the state in the region around the Murrumbidgee River about 550 kilometers southwest of Sydney and 340 km northwest of the Australian capital Canberra. The area includes 38 districts and towns: Bells Estate, Berembed, Berembed Weir, Birrego, Brewarrena, Brobenah, Buckingbong, Bundidjarie, Colinroobie, Corobmilla, Dixonville, Faithfull, Garoolgan, Gillenbah, Jackson's Waterhole, Kywong, Landervale, Merribee, Midgeon, Lake Midgeon, Mount Crystal, Narrandera, Paynters Crossing, Paynters Siding, Pine Hill, Pine Hills, Poison Waterhole, Sandigo, Yanco Weir and parts of Ardlethan, Barellan, Binya, Boree Creek, Galore, Grong Grong, Kamarah, Matong and Moombooldool. The seat of the Shire Council is located in the town of Narrandera in southern LGA, where about 3,900 people live.