Glenorchy is a small town and suburb of Hobart in the southeast of the Australian state of Tasmania. It is located about 9 km north-west of the city center on the eastern shore of the Derwent River and has about 11,000 inhabitants (2011). The land was previously used for agriculture, mainly for fruit growing, but mostly densely built today and is considered a working-class neighborhood. The city is the administrative seat of the local government area Glenorchy City. The main road from Glenorchy is the Main Road, which runs through the city in north-south direction. Glenorchy is an area city, and so some districts are known by other names: * Elwick located east of the Brooker Highway, and also includes the racecourse in Tattersalls Park and the Royal Hobart Showground (Exhibition Center) * Merton includes the area around the Barossa Road, and the surrounding scrubland between Glenorchy and Lenah Valley.