The City of Burnie is a Local Government Area (LGA) in the Australian state of Tasmania. The area is 618 square kilometers and has about 19,300 inhabitants. Burnie is located in the northwest of the island about 240 km north-west of the capital Hobart. The area includes 32 districts and towns: Acton, Brooklyn, Burnie, South Burnie, Upper Burnie, Canidale, Chasm Creek, Cooee, Downlands, Emu Heights, Hampshire, Havenview, Highclere, Hillgrove, Montello, Mooresville, West Mooresville, Natone, Upper Natone, Ocean Vista, Park Grove, Parkland, East Ridgley, West Ridgley, Romaine, Romaine Park, Round Hill, Shore Well Park, Stowport, Upper Stowport, Tewkesbury, and Wivenhoe. The seat of the City Council located in the district Burnie on the coast in the northeast of the LGA where about 700 people live.